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How It Works?

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    The People


    Our diverse team of experts works with you to create a unique profile for your organization and roll out a customized well-being experience at a scale you never imagined possible.

    • Over 50+ organizational psychologists, performance coaches, and cultural leaders.
    • Set up clear individual and team action goals for the overall company's development and prosperity.
    • Be in charge, regardless of your designation
    • Enjoy the open access to tools and training programs and be straight on the right mental path.
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    The Technology


    Ekaant’s wellness intelligence is adaptable. Every person on the team has multiple options to choose from in order to function and align well. With a set of tools and technology empower and support your employees' mental health. 

    • Track the ongoing status with the tools and analysis provided within the product.
    • Prioritize metric-focused diagnostic questionnaires explicitly built for every individual to enhance your data set.
    • Focus on the core principles of behavioral integrations such as burnout, mental health, and team culture and set up data-driven reports accordingly.
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    The Strategy


    We put our attention on custom integrations because they are important.

    • Data-Driven Emotion mapping, curated programs, and live events created expressly for your team. 
    • Live sessions with experts to focus on the employees' pain points and provide relevant solutions. 
    • Prepare customized user personas via 1:1 interactions or online surveys.
    • Transform how people learn, get help, and participate in the world with experts’ lives sessions.
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    The Process

    Our wellness intelligence is easy to operate and has a clear set of features needed for your organizational team. 

    • 1:1 live sessions with the experts to open up the stigma and provide relevant strategies accordingly.
    • Initial quarterly or annual planning for the overall growth and development of the organization.
    • Monitor and organize the team's activities by offering real-time communication.
    • Focus on the KPIs and wearables of the product to keep it up to date with the data received.
    • Set the limits every day by sending regular alerts in short intervals.
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