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The all-in-one Wellness Intelligence platform

Ekaant is an entirely new way of managing well-being. It packs intelligent data collection and integrations, AI-driven mental health and performance recommendations, goals, education, and world-class expertise into an unbelievably easy-to-use platform, putting everything you need to transform your reps into a happy, high-performing team.


Resolve Challenges and Grow in Confidence

Support for employee's well-being is more important than ever in the modern workplace. Countless employees battle mental health issues on a daily basis, which can lead to issues with wellbeing, productivity, stress levels, anxiety/panic attacks, burnout, turnover, and other problems. 


Ekaant – The Most Reliable and Effective Employee Mental Wellness Solution

Ekaant – A new way to manage teams' well-being (in terms of burnout, stress, and loneliness), and maintain employee sentiment, alignment, and achievement.

Transform your ROI with mindfulness, engagement performance, intelligent data collecting, and digital product integrations. 

Employee insights in real time. Measure key engagement statistics over time, including member participation, satisfaction,and goal progress.

Ekaant recommends high-end wellness programs, expert-led live events, and enjoyable activities to increase employee morale. 

Mindset matters

 The reason it matters is plain to see 

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    For Employers


    • $2.9 million is being spent by
      employers a day (and $1.1 billion a year) looking
      for replacement workers
    • 21% more profitable companies with a highly
      engaged workforce
    • 400% increase in revenue for a good company
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    For employees


    • 85% of employees are not engaged in the
    • 81% of employees are considering leaving their
    • 69% of employees say they would commit more
      to their work if they were appreciated more

Let our digital product help your team achieve business results with a good attitude.


Why Ekaant Wellness Intelligence Platform?

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    Reliable expertise

    Not sure where and how to begin anew? That's okay, as we do as well. We have studied employee mental health for many years. We incorporate our expertise and direction into all we do, construct, and offer our consumers the most dependable solution possible.

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    Reliable technology

    You need intelligent and user-friendly technology to tackle your most important people-related issues. Our meticulously built products make it simple to uncover vital information and encourage success-driving behaviors.

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    Reliable service

    You will never have to pursue us. We're easy to reach and communicate when and where you need us most. Every user has complete access to our dashboard and support team, allowing you to remain focused on what counts. 

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    Reliable outcomes

    From day one, we assist you in identifying your most important mental health outcomes and offer a course of action to achieve them. Through our relationship, we will assist you in visualizing and achieving your outcomes and achievements.


In the present day's highly interconnected global economy, employees spend most of their time in the workplace. An unhealthy, dissatisfied employee will result in inefficiency, which will have a direct impact on your organization's outputs. One of the key functions of the “People Function” is to ensure a firm invests in its employees' mental well-being.

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Our wellness intelligence platform can result in an improvement in corporate performance


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